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About US

About Us


Be An Inspiration® (BAI) is Netball America’s unique youth program, primarily for girls, that uses sport as a platform to empower girls for peace and strong futures, while increasing participation in sports, reducing childhood obesity, breaking down barriers to reduce discrimination and nurture math and literacy through active play, social-emotional and mental health well-being, and teaching essential life skills like leadership and communication. Targeting girls, who identify as BIPOC, refugee/immigrant and/or LGBTQ+ to overcome their higher levels of stressors (such as social, psychological, community etc) due to discrimination, stigma, and marginalization we’ve fostered belonging and representation, making sports accessible through free programs.

BAI® has impacted over 100,000 youths, mainly girls.

Our results have consistently shown that girls have increased their physical activity from 0-1 days per week to 3-5 days per week and that feelings of being overweight or negative self-image have dropped

30-35%. Kids also are focusing on hydrating and eating 25% more fruits and vegetables. 91% have demonstrated the ability to positively react to difficulties and 81% have shown ability to get along with different backgrounds.   

Our program (BAI®) aligns with the

Aspen Institute's Children's Bill of Rights in Sports

and contributes to the

UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals)

which are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people

enjoy peace and prosperity. 

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We have a structure in place that uses sport as a primary tool to drive positive social transformation.  Lives have been significantly changed by delivering a demonstratable,

long-term benefit to those we have engaged. 

We are using sport to reduce inequalities, increase access to sport for marginalized communities and to address social issues in their communities.

Our Work

Our Work

Be An Inspiration® program is a dynamic sport-based youth development program that empowers young minds through physical activity and holistic growth. Our initiative fosters social-emotional well-being, STEM activities using brainPLAY®, mentoring, mental health wellness, nutrition and community engagement through physical activity, teaming and classroom education sessions. Our programs are targeting African-American, Hispanic, Indigenous and Immigrant girls who are in vulnerable populations. Through these programs we have partnered with esteemed organizations like Microsoft, NIKE, KPMG, Rotary International, Billie Jean King’s Women in Sports Foundation, NFL Atlanta Falcons Foundation, Laureus Foundation and Nickelodeon Kids TV, to provide our programs to communities they serve.
 Reactions from Participants
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Global Reach of our BAI Programs
Our programs are running across the USA, Virgin Islands, South Africa, Uganda and Colombia.
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The sports development curriculum that provides coaches and teachers with specific learning paths, skills and drills for the introduction and development of sports across the USA, with the aim of increasing participation.
We have introduced across the USA the Women’s Sports Foundation award winning curriculum and sports education program which works to improve the health of sedentary girls and keeps girls involved in physical activity. 
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The Net Together Program is the curriculum for teachers to participate in sport through a structured program, while establishing links between Schools and Associations.
We conduct these programs in partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation and ESPNW.  The focus of this program is to increase participation and retention of African-American and Hispanic girls in sports. 
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Contact Us


P.O. Box 11531

Westminster, CA  92685

Tel: 1-888-221-3650

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